On the crossroads of cultures and influences, Kameri invited us to a fashion journey across the globe that start in the caribbean.

The concept store is  willing to create a “made in world” synergy with the caribbean and overseas designers.  

Blending is the heart and soul of the brand: “KA-MERI” as a mix of the [Ka]ribbean and [Ameri]ca want to celebrate our worldwide daily dose of inspirations.

A trip inside an original fashion scene, every pieces of our collection is an imprint of an identity, know-how that highlight a destination, a lifestyle. Our boutique is a way to always have a piece of somewhere in your wardrobe, a no end indian summer.

The founder

After studying Marketing and sales of fashion products at  ESMOD fashion school  in Paris, the founder, Ketty COTREBIL collaborated with various designers such as Karine Arabian, Pierre Hardy, Bess Nielsen and Jan Machenhauer or important  companies such as the Bon Marché or YOOX.

After several enriching travels around the world, this fashion and art lover, decided to take advantage of her experiences to highlight fashion designers.