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Our councillors are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm and on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 12:00 am.


1. Object 


The present general terms of sale have for object to fix the contractual capacities between www.kameri-shop.com (this later named KAMERI) and the Customer (this later named the Customer or the customers) and the conditions applicable to any purchase made on  the online store www.kameri-shop.com . The acquisition of the good through the present website implies an unconditional acceptance by the customer of the present terms of sale.


2. Characteristics of the articles sold  


The articles sold are the ones which appear in the catalog published in the site of KAMERI. These articles are offered while stocks last. Every article is accompanied with a description established by KAMERI. The photos of the catalog are the most faithful possible but cannot assure a similarity completed with the offered article, in particular as regards colors.


3. Geographical zone


The on-line sale of articles presented in the site is reserved for the customers who live in:




-Brazil, Venezuela, French Guiana


Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, England, Sweden, the Swiss


Dominican Republic / HaÏti , Jamaica, United states, Porto-Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, the Bahamas, Cuba, Guadeloupe and his archipelago, Martinique, Dominique, Saint Lucia, the Barbados, Antigua & Barbuda, St Kitts and Nevis, Grenada.



4. Price lists


The prices appearing in the catalog are prices including tax in euros taking into account the applicable VAT in the day of the order for customers from France, Martinique and Guadeloupe. Any change of the rate can be echoed on the price of articles. KAMERI reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, being heard that the price appearing in the catalog the day of the order will be the only one applicable to the Customer.



5. Orders


The customer order on the web site “www.kameri-shop.com”. To buy one or several articles, he necessarily has to follow the following process :


  • Choice of articles and added in the basket
  • Approval of the contents of the basket
  • Identification on the web site or the registration on the identification form on which he will indicate his complet address
  • Choice of the shipping way
  • Choice of the means of payment and the acceptance of the CGV
  • Validation of the payment


The customer will receive an e-mail of order confirmation.


The customer will be able to visualize at any time during the process of order the detail of his order as well as his total price and correct possible mistakes, before confirming it to express his acceptance.


KAMERI saves himself the property of articles until the complet payment of the order, that is to say  the encashment of the order’s price by KAMERI.


KAMERI reserves the right to cancel or to refuse any order which would come from a Customer with whom there would be a dispute concerning the payment of a previous order. Any order is worth acceptance of the prices and the descriptions of articles available on the sale.

KAMERI undertakes to fulfill the orders received on the web site only while stocks last.


6. Modalities of order and payment 


The payment of purchases is made by bank card.


The customer guarantees that it is completely authorized to use the bank card for the payment of its order and that this means of payment gives access to sufficient funds to cover all the costs resulting from its purchases on the online store www.kameri-shop.com.


By clicking known the button “Buy” during the process of order and having checked in its “Basket” the contents of the order, and if necessary having modified him, the Customer declares to accept completely and without reserve the intégralitét of the present general terms of sale.


Having confirmed the contents of his order, the Customer will validate it definitively by the payment. The order will be definitive only as from the payment of the corresponding price .


KAMERI will confirm systematically the order of every Customer, then his expedition by e-mail.


The price any included tax of every product is indicated in the corresponding product sheet. The shipment costs of the order will be indicated to the Customer before the definitive validation of this one.


For the deliveries outside the French territory, capacities planned by the general Code of the taxes with regard to the VAT will be applicable.


The non compliance by the Customer of the obligations signed at the end of the present general terms of sale, and in particular in case of the fraud or at the end of any attempt of fraud, and any incident of payment of the price of an order, can pull the suspension of the access to the web site www.kameri-shop.com, even the cancelling of its Customer account according to the severity level of the actions in cause, without prejudice to any damages that the Kameri company could request. As a consequence, Kameri reserves the right to refuse any order of a Customer with whom would exist such a dispute.


Within the framework of its politics of fight against the fraud, Kameri can be brought to ask the customer of the information and the additional documents to finalize the order. In case of not regularization of the order within the time limit allowed, Kameri could be forced to cancel the order, to block the access at the expense of the Customer and to proceed to the registration of certain data, in particular to the character personal, of the Member concerned in a file “incidents of payment”.



7. Conformity of products 


The information were mentioned on every product sheet, are the ones informed to KAMERI by the suppliers beside of whom products are purshased.


8. Expedition and delivery deadlines 


Any order place on the site of KAMERI before 1 pm from Monday to Friday (except holidays) will be prepared and sent the same day, under the condition of payment. The orders placed on Saturdays will be delivered next Monday.


The delivery areas are the ones specified previously in the article 3 of the present general terms of sale.


KAMERI undertakes to deliver the orders crossed by the Customer in due time. If the aforementioned articles were not delivered within 30 days as from the delivery date planned during the order, and if this overtaking is not bound to a case of absolute necessity, the Customer can proceed to the resolution of the sale, by sending a registered letter by certified mail at the following address:






The sums settled by the Customer will be paid off to him then entirely.


The customer has a deadline of 30 (thirty) working days as from the dispatch date of the order to indicate the not reception and ask for the resolution of the sale and the refund of articles. After this deadline, no resolution of the sale will be accepted.


The customer has to verify the good state of delivered articles. Any noticed anomaly (being lacking article, damaged parcel, broken article …) will necessarily have to be indicated in 4 days following the reception.


Be careful: outside Martinique and Guadeloupe, customs duties or local taxes may be due and can be charged upon receipt of the parcel by the customer, in addition to the price paid to KAMERI. These rights and taxes, the exact amount of which KAMERI cannot determine in advance and thus about which she cannot inform the customer before her order, stay chargeable to the customer, who is solely responsible for the good fulfillment of the possible one of the statements andor the formalities there relative.



9. Cooling-off period: exchange or return 


The Customers, benefit from a cooling-off period of 15 (fifteen) days as from the delivery of their order to make return of the product for KAMERI for exchange or refund without penalty, and free of charge of return.


The costs of return (under presentation of the return receipt) and turned articles will be entirely paid off as soon as possible by KAMERI and at the latest 15 (fifteen) days after the date in which he exercised his right to withdraw.


In case of non satisfaction of the product delivered to the Customer, he can turn him to the Company Kameri. To facilitate the treatment of their file, we deeply recommend to the customers to follow the procedure which will be sent to them by e-mail when he will have informed Kameri via the column “Contact”.


The customer can ask Kameri to be paid off the price of the product in the next 30 days the request of the Customer


It is very important for the customer to note that every articles being unique andor made in small quantities, they cannot be exchange but only refund.


Conditions of exchange and of return for refund 


Turned articles must be new, in perfect condition with all the labels of usual precaution, size and in their box of origin.

The Customer will have the choice between two modes of return proposed by KAMERI:

  • Colissimo.
  • DHL


The refund of the customer will be made by every possible means by payment for the deadline of 30 (thirty days) as from the reception by Kameri of the request of exercise of the right to withdraw by the customer, under the reserve that the product is restored to Kameri.


If the Customer came to send back articles by another mode of return, and supporting as such expenses of return, he could aspire to no refund or exchange on behalf of KAMERI.


The customer will have to keep the proof of the deposit of the parcel with one of the two persons receiving benefits in charge of the return. In the absence of this proof, no exchange or refund can be made in case of loss of the parcel.



10. Our commitments 


KAMERI undertakes to proceed regularly to controls to verify the functioning and the accessibility of the Site. As such, she saves itself the faculty to interrupt for a moment the access to the Site for reasons of maintenance. Also, KAMERI could not be held responsible for difficulties or momentary impossibilities of access to the Site which would have origin of the circumstances which are outside him, the force majeure, or still which would be due has disturbances of the telecommunications network, the use of the Site implying the knowledge and the acceptance of the characteristics and the limits of internet and the technologies which are bound to it.


The connection of every person to the Site is made under its full responsibility. It is up to the customer to take all the measures suited so as to protect its own data andor software stored in its computing equipment and it against any infringement.


Besides, KAMERI cannot be held responsible for the non-fulfillment or for the delay in the execution of the sale contract because of a case of absolute necessity or still because of disturbances or all-out or partial strikes in particular postal services and means of transportation or still of communications


11. Modifications of general terms of sale


KAMERI saves himself the faculty to modify at any time the present general terms of sale. In this case, the applicable conditions will be the ones current in the order date by the customer.


12. Processing of personal data


KAMERI undertakes to respect the privacy of personal data communicated by the Members on the Web site and to handle them in the respect for the data protection act of January 6th, 1978.


KAMERI informs the Customer that these data will be used by his internal services:


-TTo inform his Customer of sales and events to come, by the sending of emails of invitation,
– For the treatment of the order of the Member,
– to strengthen and personalize the communication in particular by the sending of newsletters, special offers (in particular competitions, games, etc. …) and of special emails within the framework of the customization of the Site according to the preferences noticed of the Customers.

KAMERI informs the Member that she can also be brought to communicate her personal data to assure the fulfillment of tasks necessary for the execution of the Order of the Member, to assure the delivery of the properties and the realization of services, to fight against the fraud and more generally any punishable under criminal law activity, for certain aspects of the after-sales service, and to realize satisfaction surveys. Furthermore, KAMERI can also communicate these data to answer an order of the legal authorities


According to the data protection act of January 6th, 1978, the Member can exercise at any time its access right in the file, its right of opposition and its right of rectification or abolition for the information concerning him by sending his request (by indicating e-mail address, name, first name, mailing address):


-By e-mail at the address customercare@kameri-shop.com-by going on the Web site of KAMERI, in the column “Contact” by selecting the desired column;




KAMERI makes every effort to protect the safety and the integrity of personal data of his customers through an operating system and a platform of secure payment.


13. Advertising


KAMERI saves himself the faculty to insert on any page of the Site any advertising or promotional messages under a shape and into conditions of which KAMERI will be only judge.


14. Links and third sites


KAMERI can be held responsible on no account for the technical availability of web sites exploited by thirds (including his possible partners) which the customer would reach through the Site.


KAMERI puts on no responsibility in conformance with the contents, the advertisements, the products andor the services available on such third sites with which it is called back that they are governed by their own conditions of use.


KAMERI is not either responsible for transactions intervened between the customer and any announcer, professional or storekeeper to whom the customer would be directed through the Site and could not have left on no account to some possible disputes whether it is with these thirds concerning in particular the delivery of products andor services, guarantees, statements and other any obligations in which these thirds are kept.


15. Prohibited behavior


Are strictly forbidden: any behavior likely to interrupt, suspend, to slow down or to prevent the smooth running of the Site, any intrusions or the attempts of intrusions in the systems of KAMERI, any misappropriations of the resources system of the Site, any actions likely to impose a disproportionate load on the infrastructures of the latter, any infringements on the measures of safety and authentification, any acts likely to carry infringement of rights and financial, commercial or moral interests of KAMERI or the users of his Site, any practice diverting the Site for purposes other than those for whom he was conceived and finally more generally any breach in the present general conditions or in the current laws and regulations.


He is the same strictly forbidden to exchange, to sell or to grant all or part of the access to the Site, as well as to the information which he contains.


In case of breach in any of the capacities of the present article or more generally, breaches of laws and regulations, KAMERI reserves the right to take any appropriate measures and to engage any legal action.


16. Intellectual property

The systems, the software, the structures, the infrastructures, the databases and the contents of all kinds (texts, images, pictures, musics, logos, marks, etc. …) exploited by KAMERI within the Site are protected by any current intellectual property rights. Any dismantlings, decompilations, decipherings, extractions, re-uses, copies and more generally, any acts of reproduction, representation, distribution and use of any of these elements, in whole or in part, without the authorization of KAMERI are strictly forbidden and can be the object of legal proceedings.


17. Language


In the hypothesis of a translation of the present general conditions in one or several languages, the language of interpretation will be the French language in case of contradiction or in case of contesting on the meaning of a term or an arrangement.


18. Applicable law and juridiction


The present general conditions are governed by the French law.


In case of contesting on the validity, the interpretation andor the execution of the present general conditions, the parts suit that the courts of Fort-de-France will be exclusively competent to judge it, except opposite imperative procedural rules.


19. Coming into force


The present general conditions come into effect on September 8th, 2014.